Saturday, November 19, 2011

Incoming Mail

Here is the mail I have received in the last few weeks. It always brightens my day to find letters and postcards in my mailbox. I hope this post finds you well and having a good mail day. :) 

                                                           Letter from Kate & Sarah

                                                                Letter from Marian
                                                           From my friend Melissa
                                                            From my friend Hannah
                                                              From my friend Julia
                                                           From my friend Amelia
                                                           From my friend Kendra
                                                             From my friend Bethany
                                                              From my friend Hannah
                                            A letter from a new penpal in England named Hannah
                                                          From my friend Hope
                                             Postcard from "The Happy Mail Postcard Swap"
                                                                    Postcard from Bev
                                                           Postcard from Wisconsin
                                                            Postcard from England!!!!!
                                                          Postcard from Netherlands
                                                                 Postcard from Spain
                                                             Postcard from Poland
Postcard from the Netherlands
                                                           Postcard from Austria
                                                             Postcard from China
                                                Postcards from Ukraine and South Carolina
                                                            Postcard from Russia

I hope you all enjoy the rest of your weekend. :)


  1. Hey! Happy Thanksgiving! Hope you had a great one! :)


  2. Hi Hannah
    You took part in my 'make my day' blog and your name came up to get some scrapbook paper. Please could you e-mail me your address so that I can post them to you.