Saturday, May 26, 2012

Mail Love

Hello friends!  I'm so sorry how long it's been since my last post. I was very busy with drivers training for the past 3 weeks...which I finished Thursday..woohoo!! :) Here's a glimpse of all the lovely mail that's come my way recently. :)

Letter from Bethanie

Vera Bradley gift certificate for my birthday. They send out a 20.00 certificate when you're apart of their birthday club. I hadn't gotten it in the mail and went into the store to use it (if you don't get it in the mail you can just go in and say it didn't come. They will give it to you and it cancels out the card.)  The card came just a few days ago. But I already went into the store a couple weeks ago and used it. :)

Letter from Hannah

Postcard from Hannah

Birthday card from my aunt and uncle

Birthday card from Liz and Hope

The adorable notebook Liz and Hope sent me for my birthday. I'm so excited to start using it. I decided it will be an inspiration journal. :) They also sent me an adorable button ring. But I didn't have it nearby when taking the pictures. :) Thank you so much sweet friends!!

Letter from Abby and Anna

Birthday card from Abby and Anna

Abby and Anna sent me some lovely stationery.  Too Cute!! Thanks sweet friends! :)

Letter from Lexi

Lexi sent me a bracelet and drawing for my birthday. She did a great job!

Letter from Emily

Letter and stickers from Shannah

Letter from Bethany.

Letter from Anna

Letter from Rae. I love how she adds little designs to her pages and envelopes. :)

Hopefully you'll see another post from me very soon. ;) Have a great rest of the weekend
Until next time,

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Happy May!

 I thought I'd post pictures to show you the mail that's come my way so far this month. :) Lots of fun surprises filling up my mailbox. I really appreciate each and everyone of you that sends me such wonderful cards,letters and goodies. :)

                           Incoming Mail:
Letter and bookmarks from  Anna

Butterfly card from  Rae

Birthday card from Julia

Letter from Melissa. I love gel pen writing! :-)

Letter, postcard and pretty stationery for my own use from Olivia

Tiny card, big on sweetness from Shannah along with 2 sheets of stationery to use. :) I never knew you can mail little letters in the mail. :)

Handmade birthday card and envelope from Marian. I also love the labels she made for the addresses.  :)

Fun postcard from Becky. She went to an aquarium while on a business trip and sent me a postcard. :)

Very sweet birthday package from Bethany. She sent along Adventurous Femininity, an adorable headband from her etsy shop as well as a fun birthday card with such encouraging words. :)

An up close picture of the headband :)

Letter from Bethany
Postcard I won in a giveaway from Becky's blog :) It's from the Cherry Blossom Festival that was going on while Becky was in town. :)

Such a sweet card from my friends adorable little sister. I love hearing from her! :)

Birthday card from Sarah

Birthday card from my Grandma

I hope you enjoyed looking through my incoming mail with me. Has your mailbox been happy? :-)

Until next time,

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Bountiful Blessings

                                               Incoming Mail :

Birthday package from Shannah What a surprise it was to open up my mailbox and find it filled with this wonderful package. Shannah you have made my birthday so special. :)

Inside of the package. A beautiful birthday card, verse notebook and present bits. :)

Thank you all so much! It's such a blessing to get to know all of you through either a comment or a letter. I hope you're mailboxes have been happy.

Until next time,