Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Happy May!

 I thought I'd post pictures to show you the mail that's come my way so far this month. :) Lots of fun surprises filling up my mailbox. I really appreciate each and everyone of you that sends me such wonderful cards,letters and goodies. :)

                           Incoming Mail:
Letter and bookmarks from  Anna

Butterfly card from  Rae

Birthday card from Julia

Letter from Melissa. I love gel pen writing! :-)

Letter, postcard and pretty stationery for my own use from Olivia

Tiny card, big on sweetness from Shannah along with 2 sheets of stationery to use. :) I never knew you can mail little letters in the mail. :)

Handmade birthday card and envelope from Marian. I also love the labels she made for the addresses.  :)

Fun postcard from Becky. She went to an aquarium while on a business trip and sent me a postcard. :)

Very sweet birthday package from Bethany. She sent along Adventurous Femininity, an adorable headband from her etsy shop as well as a fun birthday card with such encouraging words. :)

An up close picture of the headband :)

Letter from Bethany
Postcard I won in a giveaway from Becky's blog :) It's from the Cherry Blossom Festival that was going on while Becky was in town. :)

Such a sweet card from my friends adorable little sister. I love hearing from her! :)

Birthday card from Sarah

Birthday card from my Grandma

I hope you enjoyed looking through my incoming mail with me. Has your mailbox been happy? :-)

Until next time,


  1. I love the headband!! Also, my penpal from S. Korea sent me photo's from the cherry blossom festival. :)
    I'm glad you had nice birthday wishes and packages!

  2. Oh my! Such cute mail!!!

    - k