Friday, June 1, 2012

Washi Tape

Washi tape is great.......                     for designing envelopes,

                                                      or journaling....

With just a simple little piece you can create something pretty. I love how you can use it for so many different things. I thought I'd share with you my collection of tape. :)

It's taken many months to collect all of these but well worth the wait. I love when I buy a new tape and go all out designing pages with it. There are so many pretty tapes out there that it can be so hard to decide which ones to get. haha :) I'm so thankful to have all of these.

Do you have washi tape?.....If so, where do you get it from?

Until next time,


  1. That collection of Paris tape is so pretty ^.^

  2. I have quite a lot of washi tape. I'm addicted! I worked at a scrapbook store until half a year ago, and was able to buy a lot of tape on discount. Lately I've purchased a few on Etsy - if you look for Asian Etsy shops both the tape and the shipping fees are usually very reasonable. :)

  3. You have such a great collection of washi tape. It looks fab in your journal pages and decorating envelopes. I would like a bigger range of washi tape. I usually buy mine on Etsy but there are so many places it's available now.

  4. I love your tape! Washi tape is lovely...

  5. Wow very lovely looking big time.

  6. I've heard of washi tape but didn't know it's the same thing as what we call "masking tape" in Japan! Masking tape/washi tape is very popular in Japan, and I love cheking new designs every once in a while at shops! :)