Thursday, December 20, 2012

A Sweet Gift From Friends

 Today walking out to get the mail I was hoping to find my drivers license ( passed the road test just over a week ago) as I've been anxiously awaiting it. Found it through the letters, but what I wasn't expecting to find, was a package from a few of my dearest friends, Liz and Hope. They are two of the most genuine, sweet girls. I am truly blessed by their friendship. If you're reading this Hope and Liz, thank you soooo much. I so very much appreciate this and am very touched. You made my day! Love you girls!

                      A beautiful journal to fill out "my life's loves"
                       Love the pretty pages

         Such an adorable penguin lip gloss cover with twisted peppermint lip gloss
                                                                 that's oh so good.
      The sweet card written out to me. They always make such cute cards.


  1. congrats on passing your test! :) That's really exciting. And that's a cool journal too.

  2. Oh the journal is really lovely. I'm sure it will be filled with lots of memories and thoughts. Congrats on passing your test! :)