Monday, April 14, 2014

What To Include In A Letter

Hello Friends! Today the windows are open, bringing in a beautiful breeze, and I'm enjoying the spring weather we've been blessed with. A friend of mine asked me months ago what are some things I like to include in letters and I decided to write a post and share my ideas with you. :) I love putting together little things to include with the letters I write. Here are a few ideas of what you may find in the letters I send out.  I would love to hear your ideas because I'm always on the lookout for new ones. :)

One letter costs quite a bit these days, so I want to make sure every one is worth mailing and ready to brighten my dear friend's day.

i. Tea is one of my favorites to include because I know all of my pen pals love drinking tea. It's something I always have in our kitchen so I don't have to go out and buy some. :)

ii. Stationery is another great thing; us letter writers can never have enough stationery, am I right? I enjoy swapping notecards and sheets of stationery. I have collected quite a bit over the last so many years. :) Postcards are fun too! They could be from where you live or maybe something unique that you know your pen pal will love.

iii. I also love sending quotes on paint-chips. This is free! I pick up a stack whenever I am able (and my parents need something at Lowe's). I usually will type the quote with my typewriter. :)

iiii. Pictures! I love photography and I recently got the idea to send pictures I've taken.

These are just a few ideas to get you started. More ideas to come. :)


  1. I love the paint card quotes. I need to start doing that, even though my family always tells me that grabbing paint cards is stealing.

  2. What lovely little bundles you put together! Such thoughtfulness makes going to the mailbox so much fun!

  3. Your packages are cute! Mine wasn't quite as cute, but I got a catalog with lots of porch items. So I cut out a few pages that had items that reminded me of my aunt and sent them to her as she's hundred of miles north of me, and quite tired of winter. She really like the reminders of spring.

  4. Hanna, your mail reflects your personality. :) It's lovely and interesting.

  5. Where did you get those lovely shoes???

  6. Hello! :) I just found your blog and I looove it! Your banner is so cute and your layout is really cute too! Got to start follow you! :)