Thursday, August 15, 2013

Letter Tracking

I am a girl who loves list making, and recording things. You all know how I love sending and receiving letters, it just makes my day so happy. :) One way that I think helps make such a difference in keeping track of letters is having a calendar to record when I send and receive. If you are in need of a better way to keep track, maybe you'll find my idea helpful. :)

Since 2011 I've bought various calendars for storing all my mail info. I like the GreenRoom ones from Target, very clean, and hold enough room to write. Last year I had a smaller one from them but decided to go bigger this year. I actually wanted to buy one many months ago but decided to wait until my organizer finished this past June. I was walking through aisles at Target when I found products on the clearance shelf, there a stack of calendars were waiting, and for only about $4.

Every time I receive a letter, I write "Letter/Letters from" and then the name (s) on the day I found the dear letters waiting in the mailbox.  There's also a spot on the lower right that says "notes" where I'll usually put friends birthdays along with the date so I know to send them a little something special. :)

Last week's layout of outgoing mail. I sent 6 letters out~ one to my cousin and the rest to friends ~ all far away. I'll usually send out more than one letter at a time. 

I find this is a way to stay on track for replying in a timely manner. I can look and see "oh it's already been two weeks since I received the letter from ____, I should start a reply. " :) I would like to send replies around a week after receiving, or sooner ;) I did happen to find some lovelies waiting for me at the post office today. I am switching box numbers by the end of the month so I'll have to send address changes along with the letter. :)

In case you needed inspiration, or organizing tips,  I hope you found this helpful.  Have a great day, friends!

Happy Mailing!


  1. This is a great idea, Hannah! I have never thought of this, but it sounds super helpful for ladies who have a lot of pen-pals. Thanks for sharing, dear!
    P.S. I love your toe nail polish!! :)

  2. That's a really clever idea. Sometimes (ie all the time) my craft/spare room gets so messy that my letters get mixed up and I can't remember if I owe someone a letter or not. I might have to adopt this idea!

    x Jasmine