Friday, December 6, 2013

Letter Writing Questionnaire With Katie

1. Please tell us about yourself, How old are you? What made you want to start writing?
I'm Katie, almost-18-year-old introverted extrovert and wannabe writer. My love for writing began when I was 6, writing short poems that weren't good at all, and grew the older I got. I don't know what made me start writing, but I can't imagine what I would be without it.

2. When did you start writing letters?
I started around age 7 or 8, I think, writing letters to my friend in Illinois. I later met my best friend through a pen pal match up site, and recently began writing several wonderful people all over the world.

3. Have you met any of your pen pals?
I have not, sadly, but hope to one day.

4. How many people do you write? How many different states? Any out of the country?
I write somewhere between 15-20 people from Tennessee, Texas, Minnesota, North Carolina, South Carolina, Arizona, California, Michigan, Wisconsin, and  Colorado. Two of my pen pals live in England, Two in Canada, and another lives in Australia.

5. What is your favorite thing about writing letters?
I love how it brings people from all over together. I wouldn't have met any of these amazing people any other way.

6. Favorite place to buy stationery?
Michaels is great, and I also find a few sets from local thrift stores.

7. How do you store your stationery?
I have a wooden box that my dad kept his keepsakes in as a kid that stores all of my stationary. It's the size of a shoe box and it packed tight.

8. Where do you keep the letters you receive?
I keep art and other things from letters in my art journal, and the letters themselves in a huge trunk with other things like journals and photographs and such. 

9. Favorite letter writing/inspiring blogs if you have them?
I really love The Love Parcel and More Love Letters.

10. In closing, What is something you'd like to share with us that you haven't mentioned yet?
I have an irrational fear of matches and lighters. The flame is just too close to my fingers. Also, I hate snakes, mice, and possums with a fiery vengeance. 

Thank you so much Katie, for sending in your answers. I loved reading all of them and I'm so thankful to be pen friends with you. :)

If you'd like to send in your answers to be featured on my blog, please click here. :) 

Hope you're having a wonderful Friday. Sorry I haven't been on here lately. I had a lot planned for this month but unfortunately haven't found the time to write as much as I'd like. Hopefully I'll be back on track real soon. :) 


  1. I love reading these questionnaires Hannah! :) I'd fill out another if I could ;) hehe

    1. Thanks girl! Well I wish you could fill out another one. I need more! haha I'll have to see what else I can come up with. :) Love ya!

  2. Hi Hannah
    Would you be able to e-mail me your address for a Christmas card at I'm so used to saying shout make my day that I forgot I wanted people to e-mail me directly as I've made plenty of cards.