Wednesday, July 11, 2012


hello friends,
I've missed blogging very much lately. At the end of June I was in the middle of uploading photos for a post and Blogger stopped the process. In order to upload photos again, I must pay for more storage. It says I've reached my 1gb of storage. Is this something I have to do? Have any of you seen this message? I'd really appreciate hearing from you. Thanks! :-)

Your eager to write letter girl,



  1. that's crazy talk! I'm at my 101st post and i've uploaded a killer amount of pictures! I'm sorry to hear this. I have been eagerly waiting for you to post..

  2. I'v never had that happen. I am so so so so sorry I have not written back to your letter. I am so busy. I'm not lying. I'll try to write soon. Anna

  3. One thing you could do is post your pics on a photo sharing site first (flickr, etc), then put them into your blog posts by the image url.

  4. You could try to post your photos to photobucket or flickr first, and then adding to blogger :)

  5. Hi Hannah,
    That happened to me too, but I found a way around it.

    On blogspot you can have several different contributors to the blog... just make a new email account, and then make it so your new email account can post on your blog.
    Go to settings, permissions, blog authors, and then you can add a new email address. When you sign on to blogger with the new email you should be able to post photos again. That's how it worked for me!