Saturday, September 7, 2013

Letter Writing Questionnaire

hello everyone!

i hope you are all having a lovely day and enjoying this beautiful fall weather (if you currently are entering fall). today i am bringing you something new. interviews!  

i have a list of questions i'd love to ask you. if i get enough people i hope to make this a weekly thing. if you'd like to be interviewed, blog or not, send me an email at simply with the answers to the following questions. 

* please send pictures if you have them, whether to go along with your answers or just to add in. :)

I thought I would share my answers with you first. :) 

1. Please tell us about yourself, how old are you? What made you want to start writing?
 I'm Hannah, 17 and living in Michigan. I've lived here all my life and love being here. I have two wonderful parents and two older brothers. I'm so blessed to have such a wonderful family who I love very much. I'm a Christian homeschooled girl, it's my senior year and I can't believe high school is nearly over for me. Ever since I was little, writing has been one of my favorites. I have so many stories written by a little me, and many journals filled over the years, along with the love of letter writing. So writing has always been naturally a part of me. 

2. When did you start writing letters?
I have letters going back to first grade. I remember writing my friends from school and we loved corresponding even though we saw each other practically every day of the week. I love that I kept all those letters over the years because it's sweet to see what my young self and my friends were like back then. Sweet memories tucked away in hatboxes up in my closet. 

3. Have you met any of your pen pals? 

Besides being friends with people I know in person and write , this past June I had the blessing of  meeting two very dear friends of mine for the first time ever. We dreamed for a long while before the day came, after many letters, tweets, and texts later we finally were able to have fun together in person.   I first started writing Liz in September of 2010 after leaving comments on her blog weekly for months , and after our first phone call together, I had the idea to write her sister Hope. :) This coming year I'm hoping to add a few more to the list of pen pals I've met. :) 

4. How many people do you write? many states..any out of the country?

Since starting my letter writing blog back in 2011 , letter writing became one of my favorite things to do in spare time, so I started writing a lot more people. Blogging opened up so many doors, and I've been given such dear friendships. As far as how many people do I write? I have about 13 people I can think of at the moment. Some I exchange letters with every month, others every few months. I currently write one person out of the US. She lives in Australia. I love hearing from her and she is so sweet! I've always wanted a pen pal from England , which has yet to happen but I have received a few letters over the last couple years. Love the British stamps! :) 

5.   What is your favorite things about writing letters?

 Snail mail is something I've loved ever since I was young. Going out to the mailbox and finding a letter addressed to me has always brought a smile to my face. To know that someone near, or far is thinking of me and taking time out of their day to sit down and write a note, truly means so much. I love snail mail because it's a way to get to know someone better. I think keeping snail mail alive is important because it's becoming a rare thing today. Letter writing adds that personal touch. Texts can sometimes come across wrong. And who doesn't love receiving a letter in between junk mail? (Taken from a letter project that my friend did and I sent in.)

6. Favorite place to buy stationery?

 I LOVE Papaya brand stationery. The designs are arsty and the envelopes are just darling. Though it is one of the most expensive brands I've found, the happy part is I found a place that sells not only Papaya sometimes , but other pretty cards . Home Goods is my favorite store to buy stationery. Everything is much cheaper , example: 6 cards from Papaya could typically cost $14, If I found them at Home Goods, they'd be $3.99. 

7.  How do you store your stationery?

 I keep everything in a hatbox that I believe I bought at Michaels. It's a nice sized box and I can store it all safely , without everything getting unorganized. 

8.  Where do you keep the letters you receive?

  Every time I receive a letter, I'll set it in my   
  handy dandy letter organizer -->

{front row is letters to be written, back row, to send out}

Once the letter has been written, I'll store them along with all my other letters previously received. I've collected different boxes the last few years because one just doesn't hold it all. :) :)

9.  Favorite blogs filled with inspiration/mail/journaling:
    There are so many inspiring blogs out there that share all the lovelies they receive in the mail along with beautiful photography, journaling , and much more. These are just a few favorites. I have many more though.

     Favs are ----> Rin , Sarah, Grace, Katie, Acacia , Lou, Gracie

10.  In closing, What is something you haven't mentioned yet that you would like to share?

I'm very blessed by each and every friendship that I've made through letter writing. It's a way for me to share with others who I sadly can't be with in person (the ones that live far away ). I love how I can meet people and learn about the way they live life, without ever leaving home. I love how people can share and write about their day and being interested in knowing how I'm doing. 

Would you like to answer these questions? I'd love to have you send in your answers and be featured on this blog. Simply just copy and paste these questions in an email and fill them out. Can't wait to hear from you. :) {Now they don't have to be this long if you don't feel like writing as much, I just went a little long ;) }

1. Please tell us about yourself, How old are you? What made you want to start writing?
2. When did you start writing letters?
3. Have you met any of your pen pals?
4. How many people do you write?..How many different states..Any out of the country?
5. What is your favorite thing about writing letters?
6. Favorite place to buy stationery?
7. How do you store your stationery?
8. Where do you keep the letters you receive?
9. Favorite letter writing blogs if you have them?
10. In closing, What is something you'd like to share with us that you haven't mentioned yet?


  1. Great interview! ^.^ In your letter holder I can see beautiful large starbucks envelope, haha! :*

  2. Oh, and I've just checked out papaya-store, they have so many beautiful craft things! Thank you! :)

    1. Thank you Corelay! I love Starbucks and had the idea to turn the little brown bag into an envelope. :)

  3. I'm emailing you, I'd love to be interviewed as well ^_^