Monday, September 30, 2013

September Mail

Parcel from Katie ~ we did a swap together. Detailed post coming soon but she sent me an old book filled with many little surprises inside, along with a sweet letter and questions for me to answer.. If you'd like to see what I sent her, you can click here

Letter in Today's mail from Marian
Letter from Lexi 
Letter from Becky - Love her can always tell how much time she puts into her letters. She also wrote a long letter, and included some pretty neat things below :) 

Adorable envelope and letter from Bethany ~ It was the first "normal" letter to find in my box since changing numbers so I was really excited to find it waiting in my mailbox and another plus..super long! :)

Really neat decorated envelope and letter from Emilie
REALLY long letter from my dear Sarah, along with a couple recipe cards and sticky notes. :)

Sweet letter from Julia 

Letter and stationery from Shannah

Mail from the end of August that never made it up on here.

Two letters that arrived on the same day from my friend Abby. 
 Letter from Rachel ~ she went to Germany and brought me back a postcard, as well as shared all about her trip. 

 Pretty card and Ginger Honey Lemon Tea recipe from Lexi. Can't wait to try it. Fall is meant for teatime. 
Letter, and postcard from Sarah. So neat how she wrote song lyrics on the front and back of the envelope. 

Decorated envelope, adorable kitty card and anklet from Shan

Letter from the lovely Emily
Adorable tea card ~long letter from the lovely Liz
Thank you card from my soon-to-be- sister in law, Abbey

September was filled with many beautiful, and sweet letters. I always am so blessed by each and every letter I receive, and I feel as if each one gets sweeter. I have the dearest friends and couldn't imagine life without them. <3 I have a few other happy mail things to post but am saving those for another time. :) Was your mailbox "happy" this month? 


  1. Oh my gosh! I am really surprised that you got my letter already. I just mailed it on Friday! Sometimes I forget how fast the postal service can be. :)

    1. Thanks for the letter Marian! I was excited to find one in my box from you. :)

  2. Awwwww I love looking at all the pretty letters you receive! :) I'm so glad you enjoyed receiving both of my last letters! :D I love writing them! :) <3 I love music haha
    Love you girly!

    1. Aww thanks sis. Your letters always make my day and I love how long they are. I love our inside jokes and we hold too many great talks together. ;) Love you bunches <3

  3. Did you get the package that I sent? (It had cherries on it...)

    1. Yes! I did. Thank you soooo very much. I'm planning on writing a post about it soon. I thought I'd save it for its own post. I've been so busy. That was really sweet of you. I have a thank you card ready to mail. :)