Monday, October 14, 2013

Letter Writing Questionnaire With Claudia

Sorry this is a few days late. I forgot to schedule it and was out of town for my brother's wedding. Hope you enjoy. :)

1. Please tell us about yourself, How old are you? What made you want to start writing?

My name is Claudia, and I'm a 21 year old-girl from Barcelona (Spain), currently living in Seoul (South Korea). I've always loved writing, back when I was young I love writing short stories and drawing, I was a very imaginative kid. I started having penpals on Internet when I was 14, and some of them were into snail mail already. A friend suggested me to try it out, since it was a different way to keep in touch with each other, and I said... Why not?

2. When did you start writing letters?

As I said I started when I was 14/15, but I quitted a year after because it came a point when my two penpals stopped replying. They kept giving me excuses saying they were busy with exams and everything but they didn't reply to my letters. It's strange because they also sent me stationery and cute stickers but yeah... I guess we ended up losing contact :\ And it wasn't a priority for me so I didn't mind quitting either. Luckily I re-took it when I was 19: That's when I started collecting postcards, and some of the people who wanted to swap with me suggested to switch to snail mail. And well, here I am! :)

3. Have you met any of your pen pals?

I have met Internet penpals in real life but not snail mail penpals. The only snail mail penpal I met face by face it's Anna, my boyfriend's best friend who became my letter penpal after I met her, haha!

4. How many people do you write?..How many different states..Any out of the country?

Currently I have 18 penpals. I have from 5 different states in the US (Idaho, Florida, New Mexico, Maryland, DC), and also others from Thailand, Canada, The Netherlands, Australia, China, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Russia, Finland and the UK.

5. What is your favorite thing about writing letters?

I like both writing and receiving letters, so I couldn't say. But that feeling of either receiving or writing something special to someone, something unique for that person and full with personal and rather intimate thoughts, something that only that person will probably read...! I find it one of the best feelings you can feel :) Snail mail is definitely a different kind of friendship, might not be physical most of the times but more private and even more fulfilling sometimes!

6. Favorite place to buy stationery?

I currently live in South Korea, so I can find cheap and kawaii (cute) stationery everywhere I go! :) I don't have a favorite place to buy my stationery in, whenever I find a good store I just buy some goodies! I consider myself very lucky, because there aren't many back home...! But I need to be careful haha, my budget isn't infinite!

7. How do you store your stationery?

I just moved so I still haven't received any letters >_< I was considering buying a small vintage box for it, but I still haven't seen any I like. Back home I have a big haul where I store all the letters I've gotten after all these years. I'm also into Postcrossing, so I use normal photo albums to put my postcards in, and I decorate them with washi tape. 

8. Where do you keep the letters you receive?

Answered in number 7! :)

9. Favorite letter writing blogs if you have them?

In English: Corey's blog from Singapore, my penpal and definitely one of the most creative snail mailers I have ever met! ->

In Spanish: Yina's blog from Dominican Republic! We've been in touch for a long time now and she's a lovely girl to talk to! If you don't understand Spanish you should check her blog anyway! ->

10. In closing, What is something you'd like to share with us that you haven't mentioned yet?

Hm well I don't really know haha! Thanks for the chance of participating in your writing letter questionnaire! If you guys want to know more about myself, don't hesitate to check my blog -->> I'm not currently looking for new penpals, but I'd like to get to know more bloggers who are into penpalling and sharing different opinions and experiences! So yeah, don't hesitate and contact me :)

Thank you so much, Claudia for sending in your answers. It was so neat to hear from someone outside of the states and so far away. :)

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  1. I really enjoyed reading this! :)
    Also, Hannah, I can't believe I forgot to tell you about this giveaway! I don't know if you follow the Pen Pal of the Week blog or not, but there's a chance to win some stationery if you do the survey Julie linked up. :)

    love you sis! :) <3
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