Tuesday, October 15, 2013

October Pinterest Loves

Pinterest is a place full of inspiration, I always leave the page feeling inspired and ready to begin a project. I have become quite the "pinner" and must say it's hard clicking the page off. Something I thought would be fun to do is once a month show favorite snail mail pins. Although I haven't really done this much mail art, I still love taking ideas and making them my own. I want to challenge myself using different techniques and diving into all the mail art goodness. A few hopes and goals to start making envelopes again, and adding different ephemera to letters, as well as making every letter worth mailing. Here are some of my favorite ideas as of late. :)

I hope these pictures leave you inspired and ready to create something lovely. If you haven't written a letter in a while, I encourage you to go and brighten someone's mailbox. You never know how much it can make that person's day. <3


  1. Brown envelope with blooming pink flowers is just beautiful!

    x Corelay.

  2. What lovely ideas! It's always such fun to decorate letters and make them pretty! ;)