Sunday, October 27, 2013

The Handwritten Letter

In September, I received an email from a friend who I had not heard from in quite some time. I was excited to see her name pop up in my inbox. Little did I know that the email from her was asking for my current address because she had something she wanted to send me. 

I remember it was a late night that I decided to check my box. I hadn't been in a few days as September  was a busy month. I wasn't expecting anything that I could think of but when I opened up my box I found a key, and letters from sweet friends far away. Seeing this beautifully decorated envelope I was already amazed at what dear friends I have. Just knowing that my friend , Hannah thought to send a package to me, when we hadn't talked in probably a year, made me smile. It just made my night. Thank you Hannah so much! I truly appreciate it and it warms my heart that you thought of me. 

Here are just a few of the many pages inside. I hope you have a lovely Sunday afternoon!

Much love and many blessings,
Hannah Girl


  1. How sweet! Surprise packages are always such a blessing from the Lord; just as true friends are! I wanted to let you know that I saw your tweet today, and dearly look forward to finding the letter with your familiar handwriting on it in my mailbox soon, dear! Thanks so much for being such a sweet friend and pen-pal! *Hug*

  2. Good friend and good find! Just taking the time to write a letter is more than the average person is willing to do - sad, but true: (